With the problem of obesity in America getting worse, more people are seeking help from medical professionals. Acupuncture for weight loss in Los Angeles is a way to help return to a healthier and more attractive body weight. Although acupuncture has been in use for over 2,000 years, obesity is a modern epidemic that the ancient Chinese weren’t really concerned about.

Acupuncture techniques for weight loss have been studied in China since 1998, largely as a result of the influence of Western food coming into their diet. Poor nutrition and overeating are not the only causes of being overweight, hormone imbalances, slow metabolism, lack of exercise and other factors also contribute to the problem.

How Acupuncture Works
Acupuncture is used to balance the flow of energy, or Qi, in the body’s many energy pathways. It is used for treating many ailments, including migraine headaches and other pain, digestive disorders, immune disorders, fertility problems, addiction, depression and anxiety. Acupuncture seeks treat weight problems by correcting areas that are out of balance and restoring proper functioning in the body.


Acupuncture is used in combination with healthy lifestyle and diet changes, herbal remedies, massage, breathing techniques and other methods to improve digestion, raise energy levels, reduce appetite and relieve stress. Acupuncture treatments are customized to each patient as they all have different needs.

Two organs that are involved in the treatment are the liver and the spleen. The liver purifies the blood, and also influences the metabolism and other organs. The toxins we encounter in modern life contribute to problems in the liver that influence our emotions, mental well being and tendencies to overeat. The spleen affects our metabolism, which suffers when it is not balanced and functioning properly.

Here are 10 benefits you can enjoy from our acupuncture weight loss treatment:

  • A boost in energy levels

  • The ability to control food cravings

  • Balance the flow of Qi throughout the body

  • Improve the process of digestion

  • Increase in the metabolic rate

  • Eliminate bloating and discomfort

  • Conquer obsessive compulsive eating

  • Learn how to control and address obsessions with food

  • Regulate and balance hormones

  • Alleviate anxiety and stress, thereby lowering cortisol levels (excess cortisol promotes fat storage)

In order to increase the metabolic rate, it is important to eat a well-balanced diet and take part in a healthy exercise program. The main focus of the diet needs to be on getting rid of all foods that are unhealthy. For those individuals who request one, a referral for a personal trainer can be had. It doesn’t matter whether a person is leading a less than active lifestyle, or an overly active lifestyle, as these methods are effective weight loss tools for both.

Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture work together in a way that calms an individuals inner feelings, encourages more effective food digestion, boosts metabolic rate, and decreases the desire for food.

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Acupuncture for Weight Loss Studies

There have been several controlled studies conducted to measure the effectiveness of acupuncture for weight loss. One study by the East-West Medical Research Institute of the Kyung Hee University in Korea reported a loss of 5% BMI using five ear acupuncture points over an eight week period. A five week Australian study that used acupuncture in combination with diet and exercise routines reported that patients who received acupuncture lost an average of 10.6 pounds, while those that followed only a diet and exercise program lost 5.3 pounds on average.

If you are looking for help losing weight, improving your energy and enjoying a greater level of health, Laurel Binder can help. Laurel is a Doctor of Acupuncture who combines her background in Western medicine with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to provide the highest standard of care while treating the entire person. Contact us to make an appointment so you can shed that extra weight and enjoy better health.


When looking at weight loss through the lens of traditional Chinese medicine, the food, herbs, and use of acupuncture will work together to balance the workings of the liver and spleen by correcting the flow of your Qi. This will place direct focus on the root issues behind the obesity.

When looking at it through the lens of Western medicine, it positively affects the functions of the hormonal system, the nerves, the digestive tract, the metabolic process, and yearnings for food. All of this can improve the body’s capacity to soak up nutrients and vitamins, keep the bowels functioning properly, provide energy for the body, decrease anxiety, and restrain inclinations to binge.

A sensible, balanced eating plan and exercise regimen is designed to elevate the patient’s metabolism and eliminate potentially allergic or toxic foods. Personal trainer referral is also available. The treatment is effective both for experienced exercisers who have plateaued in their weight loss as well as those who are currently sedentary.

Regardless of whether you use acupuncture and Chinese medicine by themselves, or in conjunction with another weight management program, you can truly benefit from all that acupuncture for weight loss has to offer.

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