Is it possible to use acupuncture to cure digestion issues? When it comes to indigestion, the western world looks at it as a disease, yet one that should be cured with over-the-counter medications or prescription drugs. We don’t stop and understand how taking those drugs can disrupt other things in the body and ultimately cause side effects.

This goes against traditional Chinese medicine that believes in creating a balance in the body to cure not only digestive issues, but also every other disease. In the world of acupuncture, that means looking at helping the body maintain what’s called Qi (the body’s energy flow) to help maintain the mechanisms of our body’s natural processes.

acupuncture for digestion

How does acupuncture work to help maintain this and especially help digestion? You simply have to see it for yourself and how the abdominal area plays a major part in helping stop all common digestive diseases that people fight every day.


You probably know at least one person in your life who suffers from conditions like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn’s Disease or various sensitivities to gluten or dairy. Many of these are thought to be incurable, despite not many knowing how much the gut area of the body can help provide a cure. In Chinese medicine, it’s long been known that digestive issues are the result of an imbalance in various areas related to diet that all add up to one condition. Part of that comes in what’s known as leaky gut syndrome where foreign materials from food leak through your intestinal lining.

The abdominal area is very important in the world of acupuncture and becomes a centralized area in helping maintain good digestion. Acupuncture helps find numerous points in the abdominal area that can be opened up to maintain a balance in this region. In fact, it’s an important central area of the body acupuncture can use to help control many other conditions as well.

Within the world of Chinese medicine, it’s all about doing more than just acupuncture to help maintain better digestion. It also comes down to helping what you consume in the way of food.


Eating the right food goes hand in hand with acupuncture, and much of this starts in eating non-processed foods that’s well cooked and simply prepared. Eating organically should also be considered, even if it might be too expensive for some people. Regardless, paying attention to eating healthier (and starting an exercise program) will be a part of your acupuncture plan to eliminate digestive issues.

healthy food for digestion

Dr. Laurie Binder treats patients with  traditional Chinese medicine and has comprehensive knowledge about the importance of balance during your acupuncture treatments. With growing evidence that acupuncture can help digestive issues, it’s clear you have to see how it works for yourself.

Contact us for an appointment and we’ll show you how the balance of acupuncture with other healthy living will virtually eliminate your digestive issues. You’ll be amazed after years of being told by doctors that you would just have to endure digestive problems for the rest of your life.